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Our History

Youth make up 19% of the region’s total population while in Maldives 28% of the population are children and 35% of the population are youth (18-35years). It is true that that youth share a significant fraction of Asia’s population yet there are several issues faced by youth challenges their development. Main challenges relates to Education, Employment, Health and Participation in the decision making process. In order to fix these problems, we require a more versatile platform for youth to engage, challenge & foster. The dream of creating a versatile youth platform was realized when the Non- Governmental non Political organization was registered on 24th February 2016 at the Ministry of Home Affairs, Maldives breaking the glass ceiling of becoming the first International NGO originated by Maldivians.?


To create and empower Asian youth to become well groomed and influential leaders. To create next generation leaders in different fields such as education, social, economy, technical, health and politics through mentoring.


To become the leading voice of Asian youth and create next generation leaders.

Our Values

Strive for Excellence

Respect for Humanity

Hope for life

Attitude for Change

A note from our President

It’s amazing what we can do when we work together.Youth is the future of tomorrow, and it is crucial for investing time and money on youth development. We started this movement to create next generation Leaders and here we are today, making history!!